, Marty ClearhaZe , Maryland
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From the late 80’s through 2004, Marty “11:Eleven” moved around in NY, living in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and the Bronx. He was a guitar and vocal instructor for mostly 5-8 year old kids at Astoria Music Studio in Queens. He also worked for Hospital Audiences Inc., (HAI) an agency that hires entertainers to perform at hospitals, senior citizen centers, and maximum security psychiatric facilities. His most memorable gig with HAI was at a senior center in Brooklyn, where most of the seniors would sleep through his show, occasionally waking to clap. Also, he did a gig at Kirby Forensic Psychiatric center, a maximum security hospital where he performed all ballads for violent offenders and mentally ill audiences. He also did a gig with HAI in Brooklyn where a mentally ill woman seemed to be excited, maybe enraged by his performance of the song “Crazy” by Seal. Security guards had to restrain her in the middle of his performance. That song may have not been the best choice of songs for a mental health center.

In Baltimore, he performed in places like: Club 347, Si Salsa, Peace and a Cup of Joe, the Tremont Plaza, the Reggae Sweatshop and many other venues. In an effort to improve his “live” stage skills, he did “open mics” for several years every Monday night at the “8x10” club on Cross Street. There he frequently performed before or after Kevin Kadish, who wrote and produced the hit song “All about that Bass” for Meghan Trainor. In addition, he performed at fundraisers for cerebral palsy events and private parties. 11:Eleven was also an open mic manager and performer at “Singers”.

11:Eleven left the USA in 2004 and spent a year and a half performing and recording in Jamaica. There he lived in Kingston for 11 months. He lived 2 houses down from his prominent Rasta neighbor, Earl “Chinna” Smith who played with the Upsetters and has credits on several of Bob Marley’s hit songs. 11:Eleven learned plenty about Rastas, Jamaican culture, and the reggae music scene at his famous Rasta neighbors "Yard". There he met and played with legends like Bopee, Bob Andy, Gyptian and others. While in Kingston, 11:Eleven rehearsed for several months at Sugar Minott's studio and performed as a guitarist at several of his stage shows. Like many Jamaicans, 11:Eleven wore many hats. He played guitar tracks and assisted in a project called “Jugglins” which included Luciano and Natty King singles. Marty 11:Eleven was especially proud to do the guitar tracks on the song "Unfaithful Lover" sung by Junior Pinchers. It is a great song that became a billboard hit. Additionally, Junior Pinchers and Marty worked together on several other projects at Royal Concert Productions, with the very talented flute player, songwriter and owner, Rachael Bernard. Marty 11:Eleven was the “house guitarist” and “projects assistant” for Royal Concert Productions. He helped setup and manage the company office in Stoney Hill, Kingston. Marty also worked with Rasta, Akila Barrett, who is Carlton Barrett’s son. Akila specializes in contracts and legal advice for the music biz. 11:Eleven recorded guitar tracks at Tuff Gong Studio and Anchor Studio. At the Redbones Blues Café, he performed “Turn your lights down low” while Cindy Breakspeare listened and watched in amusement with her husband. Marty also recorded guitar tracks on singles by Luciano, Gyptian and Natty King.

11:Eleven also lived and performed in Ocho Rios for 6 months where he performed at several clubs, bars, private parties and hotels. The primary hotel where he did regular shows was the Royal Plantation. There he performed solo and also with a full band, including amazing singers and musicians like: Yvonne and Mark Clark, Norman "Bassy" and "Bubbler" and Carl Edwards of “Live Wiya”. 11:Eleven has lived in many places over the years, recording, performing and promoting his music. And as in the song “Guitar Man”, he is always in search of “another place to play” and to record songs and sing. Additional places he has been performed includes: Richmond, VA - Chamblee, GA -Orlando, FL-